Cherish the Culture: 5 Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad, especially medical internships or any other visionary activities can change your life for the better. It can create a great impact in your life; especially that it immerses you in the center of the local community itself, teaching you the local people’s culture and language. It makes you become versatile in many ways. Most of all, volunteerism creates in you the passion to serve other people better than yourself.

Don’t you know that the people who volunteers don’t just serve because they want to or it’s what their calling is all about? Volunteering abroad can give you a lot of benefits. Find out below:

It can create new and lasting friendships – Volunteer abroad programs have a lot of advantages to offer. One of which is the friendship you can create with your colleagues, as well as other people. Working with them to help people in need, and to survive in a totally different place and culture is a doorway to create lasting relationships as well. You will get to know the people you work with every day, and will eventually gain confidence to share with them what you have gone through as a volunteer.

It can help you develop intercultural skills – whether you are a social worker or a medical volunteer abroad, having the opportunity to show your inner skills on reaching out towards other people in a foreign land is one great achievement. It is because volunteers are taught of important gestures, body language, and conversational customs of the country they are volunteering at. Medical internships and other social outreach services offer such training.

It can become an accomplishment – Social workers, skilled workers, and health volunteers overseas make it an accomplishment of their career when they see the lives of the people they help changed for the better. Unlike office jobs and other ordinary day jobs, volunteers don’t only learn different skills. They also learn how to feel compassion and love for other people as well.

It can help develop the spirit of teamwork – Working abroad as a volunteer requires working with other people you haven’t met before. You all come from different countries, culture, and you speak diverse languages. Yet you gather in one organization, pressing toward the same goal. Through volunteering, you will develop within you the true spirit of camaraderie that other working people didn’t achieve to the fullest.

It can help you build your career – People who have no work experience yet in their field of study, volunteering abroad or in their local area, especially in medical internships, makes a good start for them in building their career. In some cases, people who have experienced volunteering in different social services and institutions are more likely to land a job faster than those who didn’t volunteer.

If you have that heart to serve other people, carefully select a project that will suit to your line of expertise, skills, and passion. Check for more details and find out which place you want to serve.