Find Out Which Sukhumvit Hotel is Ideal for You

Hotels in Sukhumvit, as with other parts of Bangkok, fashion their brands around a handful of standard categories. By doing this, each Sukhumvit hotel makes it clear to visitors that it is able to meet certain specific needs. These could include a need to be entertained, a need for plenty of space, a need for pampering or a need for economy. Having different hotel categories is helpful in enabling you to eliminate hotels that do not suit your needs and selecting the right hotels. Here are the main hotels categories you’ll find in Sukhumvit.

Budget Hotels

These hotels offer low rates by reducing their range of services. Some offer as little as just a bed and bathroom. However, the rooms are safe, comfortable and clean and will meet your basic need of accommodation. A budget hotel will be the most ideal accommodation for you if you are more of a budget-minded traveler who does not wish to spend additional costs on costly services and amenities.

Suite Hotels

Suite hotels have a living area and a separate bedroom, or sometimes two bedrooms. This would be the ideal type of Sukhumvit hotel to book if you’re a business man/woman or a traveling professional – lawyer, accountant or doctor. You can work and still have some entertainment in an area separate to your bedroom.

Boutique Hotels

As the word “boutique” suggests, these hotels have a vacation setting with original décor and services. You’ll notice artistic touches, period furniture and other attractive themes in such hotels. Do you place high importance on service delivery, luxury and privacy? Make your reservation in a boutique hotel.   They provide a personalized and exceptional level of facilities, services and accommodation.

Luxury Hotels

They are also known as five-star hotels. They provide world class services. You’ll find private dining facilities, concierge services, Valet and upscale restaurants and lounges in such hotels. In luxury hotels, hotel room services are, in many instances, done twice daily. Their target customers include wealthy clientele, high-ranking political figures, entertainment celebrities and top business executives.

Resorts and Spa Resorts

Spa resort hotels provide restaurants and accommodation with extended spa services. This is the best kind of Sukhumvit hotel to book if you seek to achieve total relaxation during your vacation. Resort hotels are normally located away from the city – on islands or in the mountains. They offer great recreational activities such as swimming, skiing, sailing, tennis, golf and scenery.

Extended Stay Hotels

Do you want a home away from home? Look for an extended stay hotel. These hotels are most suitable for people on long business or leisure trips. Extended stay hotels are somewhat similar to suite hotels, but they have a kitchen and laundry facilities. They are more economical than regular hotels.

Business Hotels

This is the kind of hotel to book during your business trip. They are specifically designed for business people, although some tourists find them attractive. They are usually located in the major business districts. Amenities that you are likely to find in business hotels include free local telephone, morning coffee and complimentary newspapers.