The New Skoda Models are Definitely Worth the Try

Skoda has always been able to package their cars so they would feel bigger than their counterparts in the market. Nowadays, they are regularly garnering awards for reliability and customer satisfaction. In fact, experts from What Car? even considered the Skoda Fabia as deserving of the overall award this year. When it comes to quality and reliability, buyers can now rely on Skoda Australia to provide them with a comfortable, award-winning ride.

Common Features of Skoda Cars

Skoda has been using the same technology and parts as the German car group that also owns Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi and Seat since the mid-90s. However, their car models cost way cheaper than a Lamborghini. Its blend of space, value and efficiency are qualities that Skoda has carried over from the beginning up to their latest versions. Because of their success, the company plans to roll out new or updated models twice a year. Coming to Australian shores this November will be the new Skoda Octavia RS and it’s definitely worth waiting for.

The latest models of Skoda Australia dealers offer have a tilt or slide panoramic sunroof, KESSY or keyless start, stop, lock and unlock choices, rearview camera, LED torch, Smartlink innovation to connect your phone to the car screen to play music or receive calls. This makes riding more convenient and at the same time, classy. Below are two Skoda car models you should watch out for:

  • Skoda Octavia RS: The Skoda Octavia RS is definitely an all-around good package and it is further enhanced with its active cruise control for a more comfortable ride. The security features of its latest cars, like the Skoda Octavia RS Wagon, for instance, include fatigue alert system to monitor drivers for signs of falling asleep at the wheel. It will then suggest that you take a break for your safety. It also has stability control, seven airbags, a reversing camera with multiple views, rear parking sensors and low-speed emergency braking system.
  • Skoda Yeti: The Skoda Yeti has been around since 2009. It was granted the Family Car of the Year around the same time. If you are looking for a family car that is practical and performs like a 4×4, then you should try driving a Skoda Yeti Brisbane dealers offer today. It’s impossible not to love a vehicle named after a fictional elusive creature. However, it’s the name that makes it stand out. Most buyers are drawn to its rugged quality, spacious interior and tough 4×4 appearance.

Skoda Australia cars also have features like Vario-Flexi seating which allows you to fold or remove the back seats. There is ample head and legroom space and the rear seats can be slid forward or folded against the front seats. This will allow you to increase the cargo area so you can have a van-like space at the back. Its tailgate allows you to have good access to the cargo area. If you want more storage space for smaller items, you can take advantage of ample storage spaces in the front.

There are numerous more models of the Skoda vehicle available in the market, for example, the Skoda Rs Wagon and other Skoda 4×4 Brisbane dealers offer. These vehicles have been proven and tested for unwavering quality and practicality. You may visit to check out available models and take advantage of special deals.

Why Choose a Skoda

Of all the many benefits listed for Skoda cars, nothing could beat the most important feature of the Skoda. You couldn’t find it in the interior or under the hood. It’s not even in the gadgets and technology that come with it. But it’s the peace of mind you experience with its 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty as part of the standard for all Skoda vehicles. With its combined style and comfort, Skoda cars can already be at par with other brands. Its affordable price is considered a bonus. For more information, visit their website at: