Perfect Sydney Harbour Boating Experience

For something different, interesting and exciting, many people explore new places. They take the normal travel route of going far and riding planes, when they can make the travel itself around their hometown in an unforgettable experience aboard a boat rental. Imagine rediscovering Sydney in a new way and having fun doing water sports activities along the way. Sporty or not, just staying on deck to watch the view is truly memorable. Sail the boat or hire a skipper or crew, it’s your choice.

Not Just for Getting Away

  • Celebrate your birthday. Have a romantic anniversary dinner.
  • Charter a boat to go diving, snorkelling and swimming. It’s easy renting and it’s not that costly.
  • Bond with everyone in the family and keep the bond amoung friends as strong as ever.
  • Not just for fun, business trips and deals can get made aboard the privacy and unique setting of a boat afloat the water. Boat rides are also perfect for team building.

Enhance any experience by boarding a boat.

Reminders When Renting  

Finding a boat hiring in Sydney committed to giving you the best boat and great cruising experience entails some pointers:

  • For touring, get a bowrider or a deck boat. For a big crowd, get a pontoon. Fishing boats are you know what for. Tell the boat rental company of what you plan to do and they’d let you have the appropriate one.
  • Check the boat for scratches, windshield cracks, prop damage, dents, stains and loose and broken fittings. Make sure you don’t get billed for these. If all got checked, only then should you take the keys.
  • See first where the safety equipment are. Adjust life jackets. Then go on your merry way.
  • Get your money’s worth by renting by the day and not by the hour. Hourly rates are eight times more expensive than a day rate.

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Why Go Boating in Sydney Harbour

  • Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s one of those better seen on a boat. Sights to see, beaches to visit and coves to explore are just some things you may do boating.
  • People from all over marvel at its sparkling waters. They go to see the iconic and World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House and explore the nearby different islands.
  • Its magnificent sunset is one of the main attractions of an evening boat ride.
  • For a great seafood meal in style, go to Anzac Bridge and find your spot up on the wharf.
  • Swim at the sheltered waters of Balmoral Beach.
  • If you crave watersports, the quiet waterways after the Spit Bridge is just perfect for you.

Whether you avail of a boat rental for business or pleasure make sure you check out all the possibilities at They specialise in making boating experiences on Sydney Harbour for private or corporate events a truly memorable one.